A Moste Unfortunat Missive

Dearest Sire,

I regret to inform you that I, your humble servante Newt may have been compromized. Something terribal and nefarious is at foot. I doth not even remember mine actions. It seems as though my very thoughts were controlled by a far off power. I assure you sire I was in control enough of my thoughts to divulge none of your secrets. However, I am in no wize certain of mine actions. For all I know I may have lit a table on fire or given it a frightful cold. I think at at least one moment I was surrounded but even of this I am as I sayed in no wize certain. Sire I assure you with all of mine heart that I will seek out and destroy this diverting power. Its wraith shall not trouble yon kingdom. It shall not happen again. Moreover, there is no one better than a psion to hunt down meddlers of yon mind. I will find the source of such power and I am still faithful to you even if not in my right mind.

Yours always, your faithful servante,



Kyrian altirisyndon

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