A Very Long Day

Dearest Syre Principalitie Electorate Zxrmmmmmmmmn,

Fyrstlie I must beg your appologies I am most exahausted. HLKvmmmlllk I am just begging thys here missive and I hath already fallen asleep twice as you maie have infered from the ink squiggles I was unable to erase. jolkjk. Sorry. I drifted off agyn. I am trying syre to finish my dailie recordes sans excessive slumbering, but I and our partie hath been in hot pursuit of yon prisoners for well nye unto 36 hours continously. If this were not bad enough we hath hiked many a mile {NOTE TO THE TOWN CENSURE: WHAT UNIT OF DISTANCE DOES YOUR TOWN MEASURE IN?} through dank ghkljklm sorry, dank dark caves where even our ponies durest not tread.

These caves are fare away to the NNW of Bluffsied. They are alksfhljhjhljk I am awake! As I wath saying they are far away and to the NNW of bluffsied and are home to quite a number of slavers. I seems to me that whomever our prisoner happens to be it is quite likely he/they are in leagues with such inhumane conscripts.ajkhkjsdhkjgkjk, Blast it all I continue to spill what little ink I have left. I am most sorry my liege about the sloppiness of mine epistle, the eyeslids of your servant Newt fill most leaden with heaviest of rocks.

I stronglie suspect the prysoner and the slavers are aenkahoots also under the employ of dorfs, Lvz, Ogres, and a populous of minotaurie. They lkajsk;d Continual apopogies I noded offt agyn. They hath taken advantage of a naturale karst system and hath expanded upon it most ubondantlie. It shall be most difficult to ferret our thier leirs but we sirye shall do our best. For now I must sleep. I will tell you more about our new found companion and ancient fairey lord Lor in future correstpondances, I suspect he we be a most valued allie to have in our cause. It is a curious thyng about thys fairey lord their is somethyng obout him that quiwopry sorry. He remindeth us all of someone we hat met long agoe, yet none of us can place to whom the resemblance is of yon strange new fairy lord.

Dearest Sirye I am yours in all matters of estate however I cannot hold mine head aloft any longer I must snuff mine candle and oiupweqrrrrrrrruiiiiiiiizzzzzz

Sincerely [Large ink puddle].


Kyrian altirisyndon

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