June 22

We’d finally gotten back to town and I was looking forward to some good sleep in our posh chambers when the rest of the group got all riled up about some missing foreigner who was locked up as prisoner. I guess it’s some foreign militant who was attacking where he ought not to and they’re taking him to some king or other.

Despite missing some much needed rest I was more than willing to practice my second craft, which required hunting down the escapee and his accomplice(s), which proved easy enough. Surprisingly enough I was among the best trackers in the group. I suppose living in the wilds by oneself teaches you a thing or two.

Anyways, the trail led to a cave system wherein we found some slavers who turned out more cunning than we anticipated. The sneaky ninja nearly sneaked herself six feet under but I guess slavers like living victims, or should I say merchandise. We proved more expensive than they could afford and we took the remaining debt from their flesh. The poor shaman completely lost it, which sure made him more scary but I still think I’ll stick with more refined craft, though it may bare some looking into. In the right setting a little out-of-control could be just what the metal needs.

I almost felt bad for the last guy who went down. Turns out one of their captives had some magic forged within him and didn’t take to kindly to being property. Soon as the barely conscious ninja set him free he cut the poor slaver off from sight and sound, making the final fight more of a slaughter, but helpless evil is still evil. Back to the forge with him.


Kyrian DeltaOne

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