How things have faered

Mine Liege,

It seems I wath not thine only one to have been temporarilie beside myself. All is not right with tyme ande space. Several members of our partie hath befallen strange magycal poortals they transport you to other times and places. The assualts by the minotaurie have grown increasingly. All varieties have I behled. The latest incarnation involved bloody magic wielders and sewer inhabiting hydra minotaur. We sire have also donne our part in the eratification of local mouse-pestes. One final note Sire, your diplomatic training has served me in the highest fashione I have made a temporarie and fleeting aliegience with a kobold king. This alignment is proving most valuable as I have been able to extort a guide from him. His terms, I wage war on mine own kinfolk the goblin clans of the North. It was most easie to get hym to believe me. Only time will tell whether I wage war on mine goblinkind or upon his filthy greenskin (?) (Cursed color impercetions!)head. As always Sire I will keep you well informed.

The many titled and well endowed noble and humble servant Newt.


Kyrian altirisyndon

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