Sleep and a new pen

Sire I have but a moment to write this missive, as such I must dispence temporarillie with mine usual formalities. I hath akwired a new kwill and parchment during our last stay over. I am afraide the prisoner entrusted our charge hath escaped. We are doing oure best to reapprehend the suspect but he hath a faire lead upon us. Moreover something nefarious is a foot. I am writting this in an interlude in a battle, with of all things an undead minotaur garding a portent laden portal of sorts. Time spirals unbearablie neigh unto a collisione course bringing our destinies into conflict with a very dark ritual involving much sacrifyce. We arth trying stop such an assemblage, but it is proving to be a daunting task. I must be going. I will explain a bit more about the fascinating armors I have uncovered at a later date for now I hath other mosters in which bitter battel I am embroiled.



Kyrian altirisyndon

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