The Brawling Continues

Mine Liegelord,

Many days hence hath I spent in the subterranean catacomic chambers ’neath the eternally snowedin citie of Bluffsied. Their sewers I have grown rather fond of and am now quite familiar with. It seems slavers, captives, and dark rituals are the dailie order of business hyre. We have rescued a fair soul nymph like akin unto mineself. I will have to get to know her more and find where she has learned her talents. Mayhaps she knows of Ichae and Master. Regardless there is perhaps much I can learn from her, the first thing will have to be her name. One battle followed another and there wast barely time to breathe let alone socialyze. I am finding mine ability to walk upon walls themselvs a most intriguing and valuable trait to have. Today alone I have evaded a lava poole by traversing the cavern walls. It seems also of note that the partie hath dubbed me thine flashlight for mine vision is of sufficynt keenessitude to be able to spot nye unto any prowler that might approacheth. In quite a number of instances I have even been carried like unto a sultan hither and tither in order that I might be able to see into the depths the others perceptions might not penetrate. I fear I am drifting a bit afield from thine purpose of this military missive and must return shortly to thine reportingst of what yonder ville foes we doth encountereth.

Chief among the sinistrae stumbled upon is a creature Giant in stature built with a stinging tail of a collassial scorpione. The woeful beast was fashioned from bone and had about it a great and terrifying aura. Truly a frightening demon to behold. Fate fell fortuitously in our favor for we were able to pierce its mighty defenses with some opportune, well timed strikes to apparently vital and critical areas upon the beast. With nigh a mind of their own mine daggers too doth seek the infernal blood that hartily coursed through the diabolic veins of our gargantuan host. I also wish to report sire that as good a diplomat as I am, even I cannot negotiate with fire. Wizards on the other hand I have found it best to let my hand swords do their own talking. Approaching from the rear where one least suspects makes a good “enterance” for “heartfelt” conversation. I feel I could really “reach out” to my fellow diplomats this way. Today was a most unusual day for all the while we were fighting demons and other ungodly foes I felt a presence. This presence seemed to continually be watching me only rarely did its presence stray. Though as hard as I could look or hear never once did I see or hear anything, yet still I will swear to you there was something or someone watching mine every move. I could not escape the gaze of this ghostly apparition whatever it might be. Stay tuned sire I fear more nefarity is yet afoot.

Until my next missive, I am as always Your humble, lowly, contrite, not at all arrogent nor haughty, dedicated and most loyal servant,



Kyrian altirisyndon

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