The Morn

On this the morn of the Xth day of NOAC I rite unto thee:

Dear Syre,

I will try to keep thys letter brief. I am running low on ink. It seems I spilled much of it before I had completed mine ritings. There were some rather humorous events of the evening last for which I wath too tired to compose which should however be mentioned here.

Our partie hath been on the road for quite some tyme as is evidenced by the following dialogue I am uncertain of whom to atribut it unto:

“I forgot my weapons could do that…”
“What, attack?”

It caused much mirth amongst our partie. An interesting note to report to the sages at home: If only a portion of an invisibilitie potion is llapped up one’s tongue doth become tranparent. I would not advise licking a used potion once spilled. Its effects are reduced and one is quite likely to cut one salivary lapping organ.

Being well rested and not yet seen any adventure for the day it is a bit before the others have awoken I thought I would continue relating some of our parties more humorous mis and pro haps. The oracle of fate our partie hath included hath learned the spell bless, as well as an extensive profishyncie in dooming thyngs. If I am not mistaken I believe he hath doomed so manie subjects that his bladded walking stick has caught onto thy trick and hath began dooming thyngs of its own accord. Regardless it was of much hilaritie that said doom obsessesd master hath blessed a cockroah. I hath never seen one of thy little friends glowing so brytlie or so happilie.

Master thre are some notes about those surrounding us which I thought you should be ware of. One should not attempt to climb an enraged barbarian it is not a pleasant experience, do not triffle with a timelord. When one mixes an arcane fireball with thrayon he actually smells quite nice, for an orc, though it was much too pleasant for the refined stench prefered by mineself. It reminded me all too much of mine encounters in Norgalth.

After much discussion we hath decided that it myght be behooving of yon mages to develop a spell something akin to ray of sustenence. Finally, your hyghnes there was one piece of grafity found deep within thy caves that we thought perhaps you might be able to interpret.


I know not what these strange symbols mean.

Yours as always,
Lord Newt-Initiate of the empowered hand, disciple of Ichae and his Master protector of the realm, master of gaming, emissary to all lands, slayer of small goblin like draggons, bane of devils, pursuer of evils etc etc.


Kyrian altirisyndon

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