They left me!

Mine liege of greatest greatness,

A request I must ask of you sire, It seems that the rudymentree flyckre of a spark my former master and his discyple Ichae left me with has grown these many months. I finde myselph being able to do new things I knew not even that I was able. I will explain in a moment. Sire, as you very well know even in your courtly presence I was most unkeen towards water. It seems sire that goblinry are hyrdophobic expecially true since mere days (I think it is days, for all time and space are blending toegether in a most wretched fashion underground with no doors and so few windows) anon I found myselph contemplaiting yon insides of a pair of warring hyrae. I suspect that theyre jealosee, one head of the othyr caused them to eat each other, but I sir was far too caught up in the situation to allow myself caught up in their situation, as such I flead the sciine sire. Most fortunate I was too for forthwith I re-encountered my lost comrades, and was reakwainted our lost “multi-talented” and most ninja-like lady myne eyes have never seen, Suki. Aparently she was off doing some agressive negotiations of here own. This said, our last peradventure was most peculiar. Sounds were heard off in the distance the party rushed off, though I am swift of foot, and even swifter of thought, especially of the rumors I have heard of others of mine goblin kine, I am woefully short of stature and most despized of water. FOr it was naught but water water deeper than any proper goblin ocean water and somewhat clean water too fetid as it was….

Here sire is the message I wish you relay to mine teachers if you have the proper chance. Force sheilds float. If cast upon the ground a force sheild will float upon the water and makes a most lovely goblin sized raft. This too can be propeled by any of the hand weapons, at hand so to speak. I sire was stuck on a raft while there was a bit of a fiasco involing ropes, currents, and apparently invisible enemies too. Our party hath learned in such cases to shoot where the water isn’t for there the enemy likely is. More explorations shall be forthwith and I shall inform you of any and all upcoming golbin invasions. I will see if I can join their ranks. Tee hee a triple agent I shall be. Neither golbin nor kobold but loyal only to thee.

Until we may yet meet again.
The lord of many titles and adventures, diplomatic emissary of his highness, lord Newt and so forth and so on.


Kyrian altirisyndon

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