What Pain doth yonder city face?

After the most glorious of sleeps on a bed of the appropriate sizing, albeit smelly, we decided that we were too close to the supposed deadline of nasty business in the city so our fearless ninja-who-denies-the-title convinced us that we’d better be there before everything went kablooey. Fortunately none of the starved, recently-freed slaves thought it worth-while to lighten my load and I was free to not track them down and give them horrible headaches. Small blessings, though I suspect the one who stuck around and sought to join our group of misfits might have had something to do with it. From the brief glimpse I got of the group he’s the only much smarter than myself, which really isn’t much of a feat.

At any rate bad things were already happening once we returned. The silly people already found themselves short a handful of citizen with no trace of where they may have been spirited away to. Oh goodie. I just hope none of them go all undead because beating zombie with a face you recognize makes the conscience squirm. At any rate, after the more inquisitive types sated their curiosity upon the high-priestess at the temple we forged out to attempt some offensive to attempt to delay some of the nasty business going on.

Which led us right back to where we had just left… I just love circles. Especially glowing ones… that are guarded… by undead minotaurs… in dead ends… at a bad guys base. Gee, this is going to get fun real quick. _


Kyrian DeltaOne

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