Yon Continued Recorde Keepings

Dear Syre,

Having arrived at a most luxuriant tavern and inn in yon towne affectionately dubbed “Bluf-Sied”. I have again become aquinated with yon passage of tyme. I am happy to report that it is the 24th daie of NOAC. The towne is afamed for its traders described as “Most furrie and covered in burlie.” One en particulare was Lord of The Manor Rodderick of Arendale. His handle bar moustache was of so gryt a nature it actually sported a bell. I happened to myt the aquaintans of one alqimist. From hym I hath aqyred a set of not magical, but alchemical slyng bullets. I have found a slyng far superior to mine previous goblin bola, a slyng both knocks down mine adversary and deals a sygnyfycant ammount of damage most especiallie the explosive varietie.

[The following is a decryption of New’t original encoded message.]
I have been talking with mine new found associates of the towne and have unearthed a secret plot bespoken of in broken devil something not qwite to the effect of " a ryng, a darklord and the end of the world." More to the tune of Rach… BRagg… Nath..BEaLZBurg…rrrawwth. Herebie translated to thy best of mine abilitie as “the sacrifice of 8 at the hour of cursefall on the start of the new year.” I do not know what this means, I besought your expertise in this regards.

My Suspicians regarding Suki have been confirmed she is indeed a practicioner of the Shokan after-dark cultural persuasion. I would have followed hyr more closely syre, but thyr was something in the tone of her oriental double short sword that hinted that it woulde be wise if I didn’t.

Mine recent training with Acci my “handy” soul familiar has proven that thy hand truly is qwiker than the eye, but slower than proper communication. Though I seem to be able to convey messages qwite well with Acci, the encarnation of mi hands she {I have dropped mine former convention of calling it a he as it seems quite a bit more like unto a she, at least this week. Thys convention may yet again change in the futur as I come to know thys magical creation of mine better.} is not so adept at conveying information from others unto mie as we experimented this past eventide with a certain stunt involving the most acrobatic and creative climber I have yet lain eyes upon MRS. Suki. She climbs while upside down and uses hyr nose almost as much as the rope. It was most curious to watch. Alas, there was information exchanged on her watch, but sadly spoken in a language she could not, and mine hand would not translate.

Near lastly I must report upon our dyscoverie of a most ankshent set of ruins. Sadly, I have hd to reliquish my beloved pony Vela to enter its catacombs. I hope shy wilst be well. On thy related note of thyne status of traveling friendships, the more I learn about the great and myghtie Zaltas, the more I find him like unto mine self. He and I are both orphans at birth. I thought hym enitiallie to be a greenling like mineself. I however have been forced to come unto thy concllusion that my perception of color is skewed. Zaltas is not a green skin like moi, his dermament is by all other agreements iron red leading me to question some of the judgements of color I may have made previously. I suspect the devil I encountered in Norgalth may have been a similar shade of red as well. Thy storie of Zaltas is most noble and sad endeed. Hys worklizardship in the way of metals is par-excellance. If it please you Syre I would most recommend hys servyces if you are in need of any metalry. He has already in less than a days time forged the most axqwizite game board and set of masterwork theives tools. I will personally vouch for his abilities when we return to the fayre sity of Arlyn.

The final preadventure of note is that thraon the brawler, a most quirious ork shaman, has a frightful temper and suffers a penchant for playing pranks. True to his name he has gotten in a most awful brawl with the captain of the gaurd. Unfortunately he should have zigged when the gaurd captain’s fist zagged straight for thyne spikey beast’s eyeball. Poor Thraon spent most of the past few daies groaning worse than a ladden oxen all the whiles complaining of purple and headaches sufficient to chop timber with. I will say this of master Thraon he has managed to chop a raging minotaur in two with but a single stroke of his myghtie blade. It is a rare, quite literally, feat to cut down one’s competition quite so effectively. I find it most prudent for now to stay on his better side. I will perhaps for the tyme being refrain from eating any more of his, what did he call it, “Enzenze.”

I will keep you enformed of the continuing occurances as they transpir. Yours in faithful syrvice.

Lord Newt etc etc.


P.S. It seems that I am not as much in tune with yon tyme as I had anticipated for noting my prior records it appears that not only have I lost track of a few days, but time itself seems to have gone backward. Most humbal apologies mine liege. I give you mine will as goblin kind that my recordes of the transpiring daies shall be more up to date as to the date so to speak. Again yours in all dislevity.

L. Newt esq. AEL, SSS et al., MWE, GPS, P, SGNB, DofI&M.

Yon Continued Recorde Keepings

Syre its seems something nefarious is afoot. I suspect mine epistles are being intercepted. I could have sworn I labeled the town of mine current residence as “Ever Snows” Yet some unbeknownst hand hath intercepted mine missive and bechanged my words. Syre beware there is great magic about.

Yon Continued Recorde Keepings
Kyrian Kyrian

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