Suki Hijo

Small and of a deceptively slender build, her nut brown hair stops at her shoulders, emerald eyes peer with curiosity at the world around her


Race: Elf
Size: Medium
Class: Ninja (3rd Level)
Gender: Female
Age: 110
Alignment: Choatic Neutral
Height: 5’0"
Weight: 110 pounds
Deity: Ancestor Veneration
Languages Known: Common, Elven, Celestial, Draconic, Fae, Goblin, Sylvan, Sherit, Shoken (all fluent)
Movement Speed: 40 feet per round

Str: 19
Dex: 20
Con: 14
Int: 21
Wis: 16
Cha: 14

AC: 19 Armor bonus 4 Dex bonus 5
Touch: 15
Flat foot:14
Armor Check: -1
Fort: 3
Ref: 8
Will: 4

HP: 25

Weapons and Armor:

Masterwork Studded Leather +1 (shadow) ((Magical))

Wakizahi (2)
Wakizahi, cold iron (1)
Katana, Adamantine (1)
Dagger (2)
Shuriken (20)
Composite Longbow +3 (1) (19) Arrows

Skills: (totals)
Acrobatics 11
Appraise 10
Bluff 6
Climb 9
Craft Alchemy 11
Diplomacy 6
Disable Device 9
Disguise 7
Escape Artist 9
Intimidate 6
Knowledge Local 10
Knowledge Nobility 10
Linguistics 11
Perception 11
Sense Motive 8
Sleight of Hand 11
Stealth 16
Survival 6
Swim 10
Use Magic Device 6


She is in Arlan because her clan received a piece of intellegence that there would be a disturbance there that would be of interest to their employers, she was sent to check it out. Creative and resourceful, she is determined to succeed in her missions at any cost.

Favorite Quote
“I am Ninja…
My Magic is Training…
My Body is Control…
My Strength is Adaptability…
My Weapons are Everything That Exists…

Suki Hijo

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