Aegis of Souls

Armor of a forgotten age

Item Level Possessor Minimum Level Abilities
1st +1 aegis armor
2nd 4th Spiritual Blessing
3rd 6th Reflection

Spiritual Blessing (Su): The sacred blessings placed on this item allow the wearer to receive a bonus to her armor class equal to her Charisma bonus.
Reflection (Sp): The wearer can use mirror image as a swift action three times per day. The use of the spell gives a total of 6 illusionary decoys of the wearer and lasts for a maximum of 15 minutes with each use.

Aegis Armor: This armor is a unique amalgamation of scale, chain, and plate armors, and is crafted from some strange golden metal whose lightness rivals that of mithral. The armor has an armor bonus of +6, an arcane spell failure chance of 10%, a maximum Dexterity bonus of +6, and no armor check penalty. It is considered light armor.


When Makea was first captured by Norgalth agents, she was befriended by a venerable Elfrithri woman with a gift of prophecy named Guthrun. Due to their mutual culture, they formed a strong bond quickly despite their differences in age. As Makea grew older, it became apparent that she also had a oracular gift like Guthrun and that the Norgalth had chosen to send her into the arena. Guthrun, who was at the end of her life, told her young friend that she had foreseen a great future ahead of her, one that would shape the future of Caerlorn. She promised to do all she could to protect and strengthen Makea so that she could fulfill her destiny. That night, with her last breath, Guthrun performed a ritual that created a schism in Makea’s mind, separating her passionate emotions from her gentler side and giving power to them to create a mighty warrior that existed separately from the budding oracle. She also left a gift, an heirloom that was passed down to her from her own mother and her mother’s mother for generations before. When Makea awoke, she had no knowledge of the schism in her mind, but found Guthrun’s body on the floor near her, a serene look on the old woman’s face. She also found this armor with a single scrap of paper near it, bearing only the Elfrithri rune for protection. She found that the armor fit her well, and that it gave a great feeling of comfort in addition to one of safety. The next day Makea was taken into the arena; any who ask her are told that she remembers nothing from the moment she stepped onto the blood-soaked sands and was assaulted with the stench of sulfur and smoke. All she new is that she could suddenly hear the cheers of the crowd as she stood in the center of the arena with no weapons but with slain hell hounds all about her and her polished armor shining in the thinnest ray of sunshine, unblemished by the blood, sand, and ash that surrounded her. Since then, she has always worn this armor and striven to learn more about its ever growing powers.

Aegis of Souls

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