Fate's Edge

Master of destiny, controller of fate

weapon (melee)
Weapon Level Wielder Minimum Level Abilities
1st +1 scythe
2nd 4th Doom 3/day
3rd 6th Fate

Doom (Sp): Three times per day the wielder gains the ability to use doom (Will save DC 16).
Fate (Su): When the wielder rolls a d20, if the result is a 1, he gains a hero point. Additionally, he has no limit to the number of hero points he may have.


This ebon scythe appeared in the hand of the oracle Laurence Ian Terrence Fahr Meson one night as he slept, after a series of prophetic visions. It is a symbol of his position as an emissary of the deities of fate… but not all of them. Osbern of the Brunathi has hunted and cursed Laurence for years, though the oracle and even the other deities of fate know not why. To protect their emissary, they have given him this weapon, both as a symbol of his calling and as a defense against the machinations of the Brunathi god. Fate’s Edge gains power as Laurence gains levels, and only works in his hands; in the hands of any other character, it is merely a +1 scythe with no other special abilities.

Fate's Edge

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