Nature's Will

Incarnation of natural law

Weapon Level Wielder Minimum Level Abilities
1st +1 bowstaff
2nd 4th Cure Light Wounds at will
3rd 6th Water Breathing
4th 8th +1 aberration bane bowstaff
5th 10th Reincarnate 1/day
6th 12th Poison Immunity
7th 14th +2 aberration bane flaming burst bowstaff
8th 16th Mass Heal 1/day
9th 18th The Mightiest Oak
10th 20th +3 aberration bane flaming burst speed bowstaff

Cure Light Wounds (Sp): The wielder gains the ability to use cure light wounds at will.
Water Breathing (Su): While holding Nature’s Balance, the wielder can breathe water freely, as if continually affected by the water breathing spell.
Reincarnate (Sp): Once per day the wielder gains the ability to use reincarnate.
Poison Immunity (Su): While the wielder carries Nature’s Balance, she is immune to poison.
Mass Heal(Sp): Once per day the wielder gains the ability to use mass heal.
The Mightiest Oak (Sp): Once per day the wielder can summon a mighty treant fighter named Tall Root for one hour.

Bowstaff: By activating a bowstaff, the wielder can change this +1/masterwork quarterstaff into a +1 longbow or back again. Each version performs like a regular magic weapon of its kind.

† The special abilities and enhancement bonus applies to the bowstaff both in its longbow form and to the enchanted end of the quarterstaff (the other end stays masterwork).


No truth is more apparent in nature than the inevitability of life and death. Each year the cold breath of winter ends the existence of flora and fauna alike, and each year the rebirth of spring rejuvenates what was lost. Yet the agency of the sentient beings living on Caerlorn can upset that balance through wars, magic, and the creation of abominations that defy the laws of nature. Eons ago a great circle of druids appealed to the power of Nethys and Ukoru for the ability to bring balance back to the world. Their cries, wrought in the midst of the first great blood conflict that the humanoid races had known, resulted in the creation of Nature’s Will.

This fire-blackened staff is covered in thin vines and spider’s webs; the wood looks ancient beyond reckoning, yet pulses with a strange life essence. Its purpose is to return the balance of the natural world to wherever its laws have been broken. It holds the power to rejuvenate or destroy, while protecting its wielder from many of the horrors of Caerlorn. Though it has often been used by druids throughout its history, its ability to change into a longbow has made its use by rangers, woodsmen, and other people that wish to live in harmony with nature.

Nature's Will

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