Spirit of the storm

weapon (melee)
Weapon Level Wielder Minimum Level Abilities
1st +1 orc razor axe
2nd 4th Jolt
3rd 6th Protection from the Storm
4th 8th +1 shocking burst orc razor axe
5th 10th Flight
6th 12th Call Lightning Storm 3/day
7th 14th +2 thundering shocking burst orc razor axe
8th 16th Call the Storm
9th 18th Immunity to Electricity
10th 20th +3 brilliant energy thundering shocking burst orc razor axe

Jolt (Su): Stormcaller deals 1 point of electricity damage (this stacks with any electrical damage enhancements gained later) and the wielder may use shocking grasp three times per day.
Protection from the Storm (Su): While wielding Stormcaller, the wielder is affected by a continuous endure elements spell and has resistance to electricity 10. This improves to resistance to electricity 20 at 12th level.
Flight (Su): The wielder can fly, as if continually affected by the fly spell.
Call Lightning Storm (Sp): The wielder gains the ability to use call lightning storm three times per day (Reflex save DC 18). The wielder may call up to 12 bolts per use.
Call the Storm (Sp): The wielder gains the ability to use control weather once per day.
Immunity to Electricity (Su): The wielder is immune to electricity.


In the minds of those orcs who follow the shamanistic traditions, nothing is greater in nature than the storm. The full power of gale-force winds, driving precipitation, and bolts of lightning have always been viewed as the greatest show of power and strength. If an orc of the shamanistic traditions shows any affinity with the elements of the storm, he is considered blessed by the spirits. One such orc was a druid by the name of Arkus the Seeker. His affinity for creatures of the air and the power of wind and lightning was legendary in his time. This drew the attention of the servants of Tulrak; his shamanistic beliefs were considered the ultimate mark of heresy, and he was hounded by both mortal worshipers and demonic servants of Tulrak from a young age. Arkus, who was known for his prestigious strength as well as his great wisdom, became a great warrior in addition to being a skilled shaman and soon began to raid the tribes of Tulrak worshipers that lived near his home in order to protect the others who felt the same as he. The followers of Tulrak began to live in fear of the day that they would hear the piercing screech of his roc companion and the vision of the wild-eyed druid brandishing his deadly, crackling axe Stormcaller.

This unique orc razor axe is forged of mithral with runes of power along the blade; its handle of solid mithral is wrapped in blue dragonskin, and a star sapphire is set in the pommel. The edges of the axe blade shimmer with a faint blue glow (shedding light equal to a candle). This illumination automatically brightens (to the equivalent of a torch) when the axe is within 60 feet of an evil outsider or undead; the wielder may also command the weapon to brighten in this manner. Stormcaller grants storm-like powers in addition to being a powerful weapon. It was lost when Arkus was slain—who was torn apart by a hoard of demons sent by Tulrak to slay him—but many orcs of the shamanistic belief eagerly await the day when a champion will arise and take up the axe to lead them once more.


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