The Morn

On this the morn of the Xth day of NOAC I rite unto thee:

Dear Syre,

I will try to keep thys letter brief. I am running low on ink. It seems I spilled much of it before I had completed mine ritings. There were some rather humorous events of the evening last for which I wath too tired to compose which should however be mentioned here.

Our partie hath been on the road for quite some tyme as is evidenced by the following dialogue I am uncertain of whom to atribut it unto:

“I forgot my weapons could do that…”
“What, attack?”

It caused much mirth amongst our partie. An interesting note to report to the sages at home: If only a portion of an invisibilitie potion is llapped up one’s tongue doth become tranparent. I would not advise licking a used potion once spilled. Its effects are reduced and one is quite likely to cut one salivary lapping organ.

Being well rested and not yet seen any adventure for the day it is a bit before the others have awoken I thought I would continue relating some of our parties more humorous mis and pro haps. The oracle of fate our partie hath included hath learned the spell bless, as well as an extensive profishyncie in dooming thyngs. If I am not mistaken I believe he hath doomed so manie subjects that his bladded walking stick has caught onto thy trick and hath began dooming thyngs of its own accord. Regardless it was of much hilaritie that said doom obsessesd master hath blessed a cockroah. I hath never seen one of thy little friends glowing so brytlie or so happilie.

Master thre are some notes about those surrounding us which I thought you should be ware of. One should not attempt to climb an enraged barbarian it is not a pleasant experience, do not triffle with a timelord. When one mixes an arcane fireball with thrayon he actually smells quite nice, for an orc, though it was much too pleasant for the refined stench prefered by mineself. It reminded me all too much of mine encounters in Norgalth.

After much discussion we hath decided that it myght be behooving of yon mages to develop a spell something akin to ray of sustenence. Finally, your hyghnes there was one piece of grafity found deep within thy caves that we thought perhaps you might be able to interpret.


I know not what these strange symbols mean.

Yours as always,
Lord Newt-Initiate of the empowered hand, disciple of Ichae and his Master protector of the realm, master of gaming, emissary to all lands, slayer of small goblin like draggons, bane of devils, pursuer of evils etc etc.

A Very Long Day

Dearest Syre Principalitie Electorate Zxrmmmmmmmmn,

Fyrstlie I must beg your appologies I am most exahausted. HLKvmmmlllk I am just begging thys here missive and I hath already fallen asleep twice as you maie have infered from the ink squiggles I was unable to erase. jolkjk. Sorry. I drifted off agyn. I am trying syre to finish my dailie recordes sans excessive slumbering, but I and our partie hath been in hot pursuit of yon prisoners for well nye unto 36 hours continously. If this were not bad enough we hath hiked many a mile {NOTE TO THE TOWN CENSURE: WHAT UNIT OF DISTANCE DOES YOUR TOWN MEASURE IN?} through dank ghkljklm sorry, dank dark caves where even our ponies durest not tread.

These caves are fare away to the NNW of Bluffsied. They are alksfhljhjhljk I am awake! As I wath saying they are far away and to the NNW of bluffsied and are home to quite a number of slavers. I seems to me that whomever our prisoner happens to be it is quite likely he/they are in leagues with such inhumane conscripts.ajkhkjsdhkjgkjk, Blast it all I continue to spill what little ink I have left. I am most sorry my liege about the sloppiness of mine epistle, the eyeslids of your servant Newt fill most leaden with heaviest of rocks.

I stronglie suspect the prysoner and the slavers are aenkahoots also under the employ of dorfs, Lvz, Ogres, and a populous of minotaurie. They lkajsk;d Continual apopogies I noded offt agyn. They hath taken advantage of a naturale karst system and hath expanded upon it most ubondantlie. It shall be most difficult to ferret our thier leirs but we sirye shall do our best. For now I must sleep. I will tell you more about our new found companion and ancient fairey lord Lor in future correstpondances, I suspect he we be a most valued allie to have in our cause. It is a curious thyng about thys fairey lord their is somethyng obout him that quiwopry sorry. He remindeth us all of someone we hat met long agoe, yet none of us can place to whom the resemblance is of yon strange new fairy lord.

Dearest Sirye I am yours in all matters of estate however I cannot hold mine head aloft any longer I must snuff mine candle and oiupweqrrrrrrrruiiiiiiiizzzzzz

Sincerely [Large ink puddle].

Mission Update

To My Honored Masters
May the Stars Shine upon your Efforts

My worst fears regarding this town and the effectiveness of its law-keepers are confirmed. The prisoner whom we were transporting has escaped the custody of the guards upon whom we had preveiled to keep in our temporary absence. There have been reports of more of the men from Sherit in the nearby area. I do not believe that the two events are unrelated. This town seems to harbour other more dangerous foes, I found Demon worshippers within the town itself and in nearby ruins. The talk that we have been able to overhear points to an event of some kind that will occur in the next few days. Knowing little of these people or their intentions, I can only assume them to be evil in their works and plans. May the Ancestors preserve us in the coming struggle.

Yon Recorde Continueth

In oure partie’s latest perambulations we have discovered a secrete chamber ’neath the ruins on the outskyrts of Bluff Sied. I would not suggest exploryng thys area equisitely close as per it being home to a myghtie force of Men, and women,-otaurs! I hath never in all of mine travails ever seen suche minotarie as these. The first such specimen we encountered gave us a false sence of security in our abilities to slaye such beasties. After encountering 1 ’taur of average proportions we encounted successively a large and a collassial “Megataur.” As if this were not enough, its colleague was the spawn of a troll subject only to damage from cold. Fortunately, our town is a land rich in cold, and I syre have mastered the art of changing mine energies in my attacks.

Speaking of attacks, if you are given such a chance will you send word to Ichae and Master that through extensive meditation I have been able to enhance mine abilities with mine mind blades! I am muchly excited for the potential this new ability I have found holds.

I do have some deletorious news to relate however, our prisoner which we have taken great care to protect seems was more than up to the challenge of escaping the clutches of the local constabularie’s grasp. In short syre he seems to be on the loose, though I do suspect he is likely to play a role in the upcoming plot we have unraveled on cursefall some daies hence.

Syre, I have found a curious propertie of quickened water, commonly called by the non-alchemical crowd as simplie acid. If a pocket full of coinage is threaded with wire, shuch as used in a hunting snyre, If I am correct in my assumptions I suspect should produce a weak discharge of lightning. I shall hence call this device a batterie. I have not yet tested mine prototype. I will however keep you abreast of mine discoveries as I unearth them. Other than nearly dyieing in a multitude of encounteres with most strange minotaur folk and the mentioned mishap regarding our prisionre our adventures have been slim. Oh, and as per the intercepting hand previouslie recorded, I have come to yon conclusion it is merely the town censure. He is quite benign I assure you, though he does have quite a particular fondness to proper town etymologies. I met him through a short sojourn with a most delightful Shiali, I believe is name wath Byll. I am convinced the town censure is completely trustworthie it is nonethyless disconcerting to note that our missives might possibly be read by more than one set of eyes.

All is well.
Lord Newt The Manie and Variouslie Betitled.

Yon Continued Recorde Keepings

Dear Syre,

Having arrived at a most luxuriant tavern and inn in yon towne affectionately dubbed “Bluf-Sied”. I have again become aquinated with yon passage of tyme. I am happy to report that it is the 24th daie of NOAC. The towne is afamed for its traders described as “Most furrie and covered in burlie.” One en particulare was Lord of The Manor Rodderick of Arendale. His handle bar moustache was of so gryt a nature it actually sported a bell. I happened to myt the aquaintans of one alqimist. From hym I hath aqyred a set of not magical, but alchemical slyng bullets. I have found a slyng far superior to mine previous goblin bola, a slyng both knocks down mine adversary and deals a sygnyfycant ammount of damage most especiallie the explosive varietie.

[The following is a decryption of New’t original encoded message.]
I have been talking with mine new found associates of the towne and have unearthed a secret plot bespoken of in broken devil something not qwite to the effect of " a ryng, a darklord and the end of the world." More to the tune of Rach… BRagg… Nath..BEaLZBurg…rrrawwth. Herebie translated to thy best of mine abilitie as “the sacrifice of 8 at the hour of cursefall on the start of the new year.” I do not know what this means, I besought your expertise in this regards.

My Suspicians regarding Suki have been confirmed she is indeed a practicioner of the Shokan after-dark cultural persuasion. I would have followed hyr more closely syre, but thyr was something in the tone of her oriental double short sword that hinted that it woulde be wise if I didn’t.

Mine recent training with Acci my “handy” soul familiar has proven that thy hand truly is qwiker than the eye, but slower than proper communication. Though I seem to be able to convey messages qwite well with Acci, the encarnation of mi hands she {I have dropped mine former convention of calling it a he as it seems quite a bit more like unto a she, at least this week. Thys convention may yet again change in the futur as I come to know thys magical creation of mine better.} is not so adept at conveying information from others unto mie as we experimented this past eventide with a certain stunt involving the most acrobatic and creative climber I have yet lain eyes upon MRS. Suki. She climbs while upside down and uses hyr nose almost as much as the rope. It was most curious to watch. Alas, there was information exchanged on her watch, but sadly spoken in a language she could not, and mine hand would not translate.

Near lastly I must report upon our dyscoverie of a most ankshent set of ruins. Sadly, I have hd to reliquish my beloved pony Vela to enter its catacombs. I hope shy wilst be well. On thy related note of thyne status of traveling friendships, the more I learn about the great and myghtie Zaltas, the more I find him like unto mine self. He and I are both orphans at birth. I thought hym enitiallie to be a greenling like mineself. I however have been forced to come unto thy concllusion that my perception of color is skewed. Zaltas is not a green skin like moi, his dermament is by all other agreements iron red leading me to question some of the judgements of color I may have made previously. I suspect the devil I encountered in Norgalth may have been a similar shade of red as well. Thy storie of Zaltas is most noble and sad endeed. Hys worklizardship in the way of metals is par-excellance. If it please you Syre I would most recommend hys servyces if you are in need of any metalry. He has already in less than a days time forged the most axqwizite game board and set of masterwork theives tools. I will personally vouch for his abilities when we return to the fayre sity of Arlyn.

The final preadventure of note is that thraon the brawler, a most quirious ork shaman, has a frightful temper and suffers a penchant for playing pranks. True to his name he has gotten in a most awful brawl with the captain of the gaurd. Unfortunately he should have zigged when the gaurd captain’s fist zagged straight for thyne spikey beast’s eyeball. Poor Thraon spent most of the past few daies groaning worse than a ladden oxen all the whiles complaining of purple and headaches sufficient to chop timber with. I will say this of master Thraon he has managed to chop a raging minotaur in two with but a single stroke of his myghtie blade. It is a rare, quite literally, feat to cut down one’s competition quite so effectively. I find it most prudent for now to stay on his better side. I will perhaps for the tyme being refrain from eating any more of his, what did he call it, “Enzenze.”

I will keep you enformed of the continuing occurances as they transpir. Yours in faithful syrvice.

Lord Newt etc etc.

Mission Status

To my Honored Masters,
May the Grace of our Ancestors shine upon you,

The situation worsens, some of my dubious comrades have left the group for ends that only they see the profit of, the weather is foul, and the toll-keepers of this Ancestor-forsaken Realm are uniformed Highway Robbers, lucky for them we had amuelets that granted our safe passage, else they would have felt my blades upon their necks and that would have been the last thing they felt in this world. Nevertheless we continue our meandering approach toward our destination. We have been twice set upon by hedgerobbers and slavers, their lack of skill was disappointing. The last such encounter is of note. The slavers only captive, a fierce Orc of somewhat middle years was freed and joined our party. I do not fully trust him, he does not act like one of his kind that I have ever seen. He claims to be an exiled Chieftian seeking to regain his honor after being framed for a crime he did not commit, He has much pent up anger regarding this matter, this makes him unstable.
Currently we are weathering out a blizzard in the town of Bluffside, the overt threats seem to have subsided for the moment, however wisdom tells me that once overt threats abate, covert ones will arise in their place.

Ye Royale Recorde Keepings IV

My Dear Electorate of Principalities,

I am reporting to youe thy accounts of this day of Noach in thy YAS 2592. In all honestie sire these endless daies upon yon roaden hath caused mine memory to become a touch blurred. I am now no longer quite certaine which day of Noach it tis. Our companie of loosely bound comrades is coming untangled. Lady Orpheus spoke of great visions and calamities soon to befall hyr and so my Lorde she and hyr body gaurd, the great hulking, and stinking , beast Trylloc hath departed wyth hyr. We are thus down a healer and a strong arm, though I assure you youre majesty that I will do my best with what strength I have to offyre. Moreover I fear that some of mine past envoys maie also have necessitated Tanya, thy mighty though miniscule fey to departe likewise.

Sire if you will recall mine previous missives recanting the recently late Devil Lord, Lord Bealzuth {For details see history behind the history of Newt}, you will recall that after his unfortunate demise from swallowing something small and wiggling there was much commotion and vengence sworn upon anyone “small and wiggling.” I fear Tanya’s homeland may have fallen ill of this devilric retribution. To make matres wurse Sire, the dark and snake-like character Kalen has turned up lost and gone missing for several daies now. Though on the plus side, whatever calamitie befell the dark oracle of fate he seems to have recovered from his unwakable slumbers and his scary looking scyth seems to have changed itself into an even scarier looking scyth with a very creul and very sharp edge. Speaking of changes, I mieself have noticed a change. One day I was conducting the meditations Ichae and Master taught me as a young soul-knife. I was intently focusing upon my hands, yet instead of weaponry emerging from my hands it was my hand itself that came to life. I have discoverede a curious ability I heretofore had no idea that I could perform. With a bit of focus, I was able to summon a crystaline representation of mine hand. I shall call this soul familiar this spi crystal Acci. Having only realized this ability I have already used it several times in one day. I find Acci most delightful to play chess with. He/she/it,I shall hence forth assume it is a “he”, has even proven adept enough to handle the reigns of yon horses untying needed knots and holding thme steadie.

As per the conditions of your roadwaies they are besieged with bandits, and could use a good cleaning. We encountered one such bunch of gnoll brigands. Their hyenas tore into us like a pack of wild dogs. A bit of well placed fire, a backstabbing trick I learned while on the streets of youre sity, and some finely timed slashes from one, if I did not know better, I would suspect is a ninja. I must learn from hyr the tryck of turning invisible upon demand—it seems like it would be most useful indyd. I must alsoe report that our band of travellers has mde the acquaintance of a most peculiar barbarian shamon by the name of Thraon. He has a most interesting back story wot with slavers, lost families, and the lot. His strength proved quite suited for besting the gnolls. Because of him we have acquired a bit more loot. I have yor honor taken the libertie of inviting him to join our sojourns. Also I must say of the tavern we are currently staying in it is most lovely. Your amulets worked quite well for their diplomatic purposes allowing us free access of the tolls, which sire, if I myght interject are a bit princely.

Alle is well, your faithful servant Newt etc.

Ye Royale Recorde III

My Liege,

As the miles pass the days are blurring together. The leaves are changing and the weather draws colde. For sake of speed we have chosen to bypass the inn and are camping nyghtly. Deare Syr I do wishe to inform you that there are ogres about, or rather there were ogres about in your lands. Three of them. They went by the aliases of Bill, Tom, and Bob or something to those affycts. Beying yon orgres they were easy enough to sneake apon. It has been a great advantage to have one Trylloc in our midsts. He is a mighty bowman and expert wielder of the bowe. Your Hyghness might even consider him for a position in your town gaurd. He was able from a far distance to turn hairy orge beasts into arrow ridden hairy ogre beasts. The ninjae too was of great worth sneaking almost as well as I, but much more adept with the disappearing. Her training has paid off well, though she is quite terrible at concealing the fact that she is a ninja. I mean really, who else whould have a cover story of an alchemical craftsperson if you weren’t secretly creating poisons? And why else would an apothicist be so sneaky. But I digress, the ninja fights well. She downed an ogre by herself. Let ye be disappointed I too did my faire share of bowl ripping, and not in the usual stinky goblin way, but the more gruesome secrety ones. Though I am indubitously grateful for my lamellar armor the citizens of Shoken presented to me on my last diplomatic forray, I have found it is not quite sufficient to stand up to the blow of an orge great club, which for some reason smelled like mutton as it plastered me against yon trees.

After exchanging blows and shredding a few tree tronks the battle quickly swung in our favore. As a note sire If your coffers are missing any gold or electrum pieces I believe I have recovered a significant share of it. I tried to hide your newfounde treasure horde from the rest of our party, but it seems as though they can detect magick, which apparently a goode portion of this treasure is. No sooner having newly found yon great piles of shiney. Than a band of bandits besset us. I would ever so hyghly suggest increasing youre patrols in this area for it seems to be a veritable den of indiscretion and lawlessness. A periodic goode rousing by yon town gaurd would do the hamlets nearbye much goode methinkest. At anyrate we first tried the customarie banter and diplomacy with yon highwayman diplomat which of course proved of no availe. Some of our crew were a bit touched by arrowfletchings and tis a goode thing that ye had the forsight to include a healer, even an apparently possessed demonic tongued healer stil proved her weight’s worth in mythryl. Being the professional dignitary I am I must point out the expert and classy way in wich I handled myself. I assure you sire any rumors you might have heard about me covering hidden under a pile of treasure while hurling nasty insults at the banditry’s mothers is purely rubbish, rubbish I say, and you trust me, being a goblin, I know ALL about rubbish. Nay I conducted meselft with thy utmost of decorum even returning fire on occaision putting up the good show wot wot! Lestwise our party has thus far come through unscathed and we are continuing un to oure afforementioned destinatione.

Also it should be noted I suspect there myght have been something in the water nearby for the tall fellow so dearly obsessed with time and various unknonwn Gods first stays up ALL night then plunges soundly asleep for a week or more. I do think he should be checked by a healer of some sort somewhere someday. All is well.

Your servant in Diplomacy,

His Excellency, Lord Newt, Ambassador to the Eastern Lands, Speaker of Lavangan, Arlyn, Shoken, Shiali, and Goblin, displeaser of Devils Moid Watearth, disrupter of regimes, Gapo San, Master of games and Gaming Mister Terraqu, and finally Ultimate High Supreme Goblin Nabob Squee, disciple of Ichae and Master.

Ye Royale Rcord Keepings 2

On this the 25th day of Noach YAS,

_I Newt do hereby write thys epistle to his Hyghness to inform thee that we are underwaie bering in the hold of the wagon, sent from youre servant Gareth, the prisoner we have made of the Hygh Priest of Tal-Sherritt. I am much bepleased that in thy loot of yon battalion of scorpion warriars was a bundle of 50’ of fine silken rope. This more than makes up for loss of mine cordage, recounted in mine prior missive. After spending an inordinate ammount of tyme determining a proper watch order, the night proved to be fairly uneventful with naught more than a smallish spider or so desterbing oure slumbers. _

Yours Faithfully,


Renya's Jounal, 1

Witches are supposed to understand life and death, and the balance between the two. We’re supposed to be comfortable with this. So why am I left reeling by what has happened today?

I have a sister, and I shot a man down. Life and death.

I’ve never had anyone to call mine. No family. I’ve never drawn against another human being . . . only animals.

But we look so much alike. Our ages match. That man was human like me, and I knew it as I released my arrow.

I am a sister. I am a warrior.

I am filled with hope and happiness. I am filled with shock and grief.

Today, I truly became both a woman and a witch.


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