Tag: Retired


  • Kalen

    Human Form

    Crunch Info

    HP 26 AC 12 Touch 12 Flat 10 CMD 10 Pickaxe   …

  • Kalen<>Eidolon

    Eidolon Form

    Crunch Info

    HP 22 Eidolon 12 Human 20 Note: Eidolon HP can only be healed …

  • Triloc

    Mercenary for hire. Fell on hard times and is looking to gain strength and maybe chance upon some of those individuals unlucky enough to find themselves in his little bounty book. Antihero

  • Tanya

    From: The Kingdom of Artil Family/community killed by Hell Soldiers, rescued by Human Artil Soldier who took me home and raised me as his own along side his 3 boys. trained with them, went to school with them, etc... Hate Hell Soldiers from …

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