Brunathi Pantheon

Pradas – LN ruler of the pantheon, god of the sun—Air, Fire, Glory, Law, Nobility, Rune, Sun—Halberd
Galharda – N queen of the gods, goddess of the moon—Air, Healing, Knowledge, Moon, Nobility, Protection, Water—Ranseur
Alasais – LG goddess of tradition and the home—Community, Good, Knowledge, Law, Protection, Repose—Longspear
Arnaut – N god of the earth, wealth, and the underworld—Destruction, Earth, Fire, Magic, Repose, Rune—Heavy Pick
Asemar – CN god of love and fertility—Chaos, Charm, Fire, Liberation, Trickery—Mancatcher
Fabre – N god of hunting and agriculture—Animal, Community, Death, Repose, Plant—Longbow
Gallien – NE god of death—Death, Destruction, Madness, Evil, Suffering—Bec de Corbin
Iva – CG goddess of medicine and science—Artifice, Chaos, Good, Healing, Knowledge—Pistol
Jogues – LN god of trade, patron of merchants—Glory, Knowledge, Law, Luck, Protection, Travel—Glaive-Guisarme
Longarine – CN goddess of thunder—Chaos, Destruction, Protection, Strength, War, Weather—Two-bladed Sword
Melisine – N goddess of wisdom, prophecy, and time, advisor of the gods—Death, Destruction, Healing, Knowledge, Liberation, Protection, Repose, Suffering—Spear
Osbern – CN god of fate and luck—Chaos, Knowledge, Liberation, Luck, Travel—Guisarme
Rixende – NE goddess of night and secrets—Darkness, Evil, Knowledge, Suffering—Lucerne Hammer
Rousse – CE goddess of lies—Chaos, Evil, Madness, Trickery—Bill
Torqueri – CN goddess of the ocean—Animal, Chaos, Liberation, Travel, Water, Weather—Cutlass
Vachon – LN god of cities and development—Artifice, Community, Law, Protection, Travel—Warhammer Musket
Victoire – LE goddess of war—Destruction, Evil, Law, War—Heartrender

The ruler of the pantheon and god of the sun, Pradas is lawful neutral. He is known as the Eternal Ray, the Lord of Lords, the Father of Sigils, the Arcentmaster, the Keeper of Contracts, and the Final Judge. Pradas is married to Galharda and the father to the other gods. A deity of order and the sun, Pradas is the ultimate arbiter of law and the giver and taker of all life. The justice he deals is always harsh but eminently fair; he is the final judge of the dead to determine what their reward is in death. Pradas is a careful and meticulous deity who makes certain that every agreement is written down, contracted, signed, sealed, and witnessed. Myths say he created the twelve Sigilbound Houses and the first arcent stone, and it was through his guidance that the power of the arcent stone was harnessed and the Sigilbound Houses gained power in Theldrún. His holy symbol is a halberd stylized to look like the sun on the end of a pole.

The queen of the gods and goddess of the moon, Galharda is true neutral. She is known as the Immortal Crescent, the Lady of Ladies, the Mistress of Mysteries, the Mother-Protector, and the Final Advocate. Galharda, as Pradas’ wife, is the mother of all the other gods. She is a gentle goddess, as a mother is gentle with her children, but this feeling of motherhood extends to all living things, not just humanoids. She is a source of life for all living creatures, and their protector; as such, she is possibly the most venerated god in Caerlorn. Her clerics may only channel positive energy, even if they are evil, and her faith considers undead to be the greatest of all abominations. It is said that she stands as the advocate of all those that die as they stand before her husband in judgement. Her holy symbol is a ranseur with a pair of mirrored crescent moons for the hooks beneath the blade.

The goddess of tradition, family, and the home, Alasais is lawful good. She is known as the Hearthmother and the Shield Maiden. As one of the few gods in the Brunathi pantheon that is good, she claims to stand for a higher ideal than the others of the pantheon; however, due to her position of defense of the family and tradition, she is possibly the most loved of the pantheon. She is the favorite daughter of Pradas and her priests are afforded special honors. Those same priests have a much higher responsibility than others of the pantheon, as they are called upon to be the last line of defense of every community and to teach the children of every community in addition to their normal duties; Alasais’s temples are also the local schools, and typically the only ones in a community. Her holy symbol is a slender monolith with the sum of all traditions written on it.

The god of the earth, wealth, and the underworld, Arnaut is true neutral. He is known as the Great Miner, the Keeper of the Depths, the Keeper of the Dead, the Tears of Gold, the Tears of Fire, and the Treasurer. He is lord of all that is beneath the earth, and his realm of the underworld is deep beneath Caerlorn, near its core. He is the embodiment of all pleasure and pain rewarded in the afterlife, and his name is invoked for all mourning of the dead. His control over all wealth comes from his absolute control of all things beneath the earth; every precious metal and stone is a part of his domain, granting him great power in the Brunathi pantheon. His holy symbol is a flawless diamond on a field of black that is carved into the shape of a skull.

The god of love and fertility, Asemar is chaotic neutral. He is known as the Vain, the Beautiful, the Adored, and the First and Last Kiss. Asemar is an embodiment of all love: love between family, love between friends, lust, passion, and true love. His priests are the ultimate hedonists who believe that all love, no matter what type of love it is or how it is expressed, is good. He is the most tolerant of the gods due to this teaching, and a wide variety of relationships exist in his church. He himself appears as a beautiful androgynous figure and has many lovers of all genders and races. His holy symbol is a beautiful androgynous face.

The god of hunting and agriculture, Fabre is true neutral. He is known as the Inescapable, the Keen-Eyed, and the Bringer of Bounties. He is a god of survival, and his followers are well trained in the art of survival. His followers help give sustenance to all civilization through agriculture and farming, and new techniques for both are developed almost daily. His holy symbol is a green arrow.

The god of death, Gallien is neutral evil. He is known as the Terror, the Dead, the Enemy, and the Keeper of Shadows. Unlike Pradas and Arnaut, Gallien teaches that death should be feared and promises punishment on all those that do not follow his teachings. He is possibly the most terrible of the gods of the Brunathi pantheon, rivaled by only Victoire and Malisine. He desires to consume the world of the living, to create a realm on Caerlorn like that of his own dark corner of the underworld and destroy all life. His holy symbol is a skull wreathed in unearthly green flames.

The goddess of medicine and science, Iva is chaotic good. She is known as the Healer, the Brilliant, the Guardian of Technology, the Golden Pistol, and the Guardian of Science. She teaches the importance of knowledge in all its forms, and her followers seek to develop new technologies and discover all they can to benefit all mankind. She is the most friendly of the Brunathi pantheon and the most likely to be worshiped outside of Aldebar, Theldrún, and the Kingdom of Ilseth. Her followers are engineers, scientists, explorers, and doctors of every stripe, and many great discoveries are made in her name. Her people make some of the finest firearms in Aldebar, akin to those crafted in Thârkyrn and Arlyn. Her holy symbol is a golden gear.

The god of trade and patron of merchants, Jogues is lawful neutral. He is known as the Wealthy, the Cunning, the Master of Business, and the Master of Scales. Jogues may be the most powerful deity in the Brunathi pantheon as he is the master of the greatest profession in the eyes of the Brunathi and Theldran. He teaches the best ways of trade and mercantile operations through his commandments, called the Rules of Acquisition. His followers look for the most lucrative opportunities and control many monopolies; his church controls some of the largest trading companies in the world. His holy symbol is a set of silver scales.

The goddess of thunder, Longarine is chaotic neutral. She is known as the Mighty, the Thundering Queen, the Warrior of Lightning, the Rainmaker, and the Crack of Doom. She is a terrible goddess that has great destructive capabilities, but she is actually a goddess that cares deeply for her followers. She controls the weather and brings rain and storms when her followers need it most. Though she has great destructive power, she can be the most protective goddess in the Brunathi pantheon, and many of her followers tell tales of a thunderbolt saving their life at some point. Her holy symbol is a double-ended lightning bolt designed like a two-bladed sword.

The goddess of wisdom, prophecy, and time and advisor of the gods, Melisine is true neutral. She is known as the Old Crone, the Wisest of All, the Mother of Time, and the Seer. Melisine is possibly the most powerful being in the multiverse; she is both revered and feared by all worshipers of the Brunathi pantheon and the deities themselves. She is able to see and understand all things at all times, but she is very selective as to what she shares of that knowledge. Off all the gods, she cares least about her followers; nevertheless, many oracles worship her due to her exceptional gift of prophecy. Her holy symbol is a mirrored hourglass that is leaking sand.

The god of fate and luck, Osbern is chaotic neutral. He is known as the Fickle, the Merry, the Master of Destiny, and the Spiteful. He is a deity that is as chaotic as they come, making and changing luck on a whim. More than one of his followers have endured terrible misfortune either before or after great providence, while others have either only suffered adversity or had great blessings. He is said to see the destiny of one after great concentration, though he has had sudden visions at times, particularly when one’s destiny is somehow connected to him. He can be extraordinarily harsh to those that insult or otherwise displease him, and many such people have been haunted by accidents and trouble much of their lives. His holy symbol is a spinning die.

The goddess of night and secrets, Rixende is neutral evil. She is known as the Whisperer, the Silent, the Eclipse, and the New Moon. She desires nothing more than to cover all of Caerlorn in darkness and to hide all knowledge. Her followers are all bound to secret societies with some dark goal, and only she knows of all of them; two of her priests could be part of drastically different societies that may even be working against one another. Her holy symbol is a rune of silence.

The goddess of lies, Rousse is chaotic evil. She is known as the Slanderer, the Princess of Lies, the Mother of Falsehoods, the Fallen, and the Untrustworthy. She was cast out from among the deities of the Brunathi pantheon eons ago when she tried to usurp the throne of Pradas; until then, she was a beloved daughter of the Lord of Lords. She is miserable in her situation, and stirs people unto secret combinations of murder and all manner of secret works of darkness. She tries to imitate the work of Pradas by transforming herself nigh unto an angel of light. She is also a worker of miracles, by which she deceives many upon Caerlorn. In fact, her goal is to deceive the whole world. She can cite scripture to make her points seem plausible. All of this is her scheme to make man miserable like herself. Her holy symbol is an inversion of the name of Pradas.

The goddess of the ocean, Toqueri is chaotic neutral. She is known as the Fisher Queen, Sailor’s Boon, Sailor’s Bane, and the Destroying Storm. She is a passionate deity who controls all under the wave and upon the wave, or so her priests teach. She is seen both as a source of life and bounty and as a destructive force, and at any moment she may change her personality from one to another. She is believed to be the source of all hurricanes and tsunamis, and many coastal cities sacrifice great treasures off the edges of cliffs to appease her. Her holy symbol is a cresting wave.

The god of cities and development, Vachon is lawful neutral. He is known as the Architect, the Foundation of Stone, and the Maker of Wonders. He visits leading citizens in their dreams, encouraging them to improve and expand the city. He also watches over cities, protecting them and their inhabitants. He also has knowledge of some technologies, particularly designed toward the development of civilization and settlements of all types. His priests were the first to create firearms in Brunath as a means of protecting the city, though rumors persist that they stole the knowledge through spies in Thârkyrn. His holy symbol is a hammer and tongs.

The goddess of war, Victoire is lawful evil. She is known as the Destroyer of Worlds and the Conqueror. She is a heartless deity that revels in violence and desires to bring all of Caerlorn under her iron rule. She is the personal bodyguard of Pradas and many Brunathi and Theldran soldiers worship her as a source of perfect discipline and martial skill. She has gained much power during the Godswar, so much so that she makes the other gods nervous. She is a twin sister to Rousse, and shares her sister’s desire for power. Her holy symbol is a bloody blade.

Brunathi Pantheon

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