The Scorpion Invades

24th day of Noach, YAS 2592

Triloc’s point of view
(After an initial introduction to PCs)

I was looking for the regular hiring when some random farmer came running into town square but was promptly shot with a black arrow, bringing an end to his most annoying screaming.

Behind him came a swarm of ugly, scorpion armor clad soldiers. (OOC from Tal-Sherit)

They shot at the weird lady with a raven, revealing they had composite longbow! One will be mine and I charge into battle.

Shortly into battle the town guard shows up. If they think they’re going to get all the bows, they are sorely mistaken.

Then a chariot shows up. Great, more spectators. Hopefully their scorpion clothes sales for something shiny.

Chariot ran away but the weird snaky guy managed to pull the priest out of his seat while we dispatched the rest of the group.

1375 exp.


Kyrian Kyrian

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